At Lavina Tech LLC, we provide IT advisory services to help you create and implement holistic IT strategies that will support the digital transformation of your business.

Use the cumulative knowledge and experience of our software engineers and business advisors to implement new tech, automate processes and optimize your software portfolio to build growth momentum.

IT Audit
Controls automation monitoring & management and general computer controls are key to safeguarding assets, maintaining data integrity, and the operational effectiveness of an organization.
IT Strategy Development
A strong IT strategy provides a blueprint of how technology supports and shapes the organization's overall business strategy. Its strategic goals should mirror business projects and take into account the needs of key stakeholders including employees, customers and business partners.
Know-How Execution
We help you choose and implement modern platforms, hardware and software to conform with your digital transformation strategy and business goals. Modernization, reengineering or migration of legacy systems, deploying the right cloud services - we can manage it all.