Offshore outsourcing is a viable way to remain competitive in an increasingly aggressive global environment. Factors that contribute to the decision to outsource include: Cheaper labor costs and improved output. Lack of industry expertise in certain business tasks.

Our team is made up of qualified IT personnel with a good understanding of the complexities of managing offshore development projects. From software development to service and technical support - we are there to take on the challenge.

Our team of software developers are all fluent in English (and Russian, if necessary) and have experience of working on software development projects with customers from multiple jurisdictions.
Proximity to Asia and Europe
Our geographical and cultural proximity to Asia and Europe means we have tolerable time differences and better cultural understanding of our customers, making us well positioned to service a market spanning the Eurasian continent
Transparency & Security
These are the two things that we never compromise on. Working with our team, you may rest assured that your information and IP are in safe hands.